About me

Welcome to my homepage. I am a researcher at Ecole Polytechnique with a particular focus on learning functional mapping between images or 3D data or even graphs and its extension to control theory (e.g. non-linear dynamics with koopman operator), supported by Maks ERC grant. Previously, I was a Marie Curie Early Stage researcher for about a year in the famous Computer Vision Dept. (Bernt Schiele et al.) at MPI for Informatics, Saarbrucken. Before that, I graduated with a Masters degree in Applied Math with distinction and a training in machine learning and computer vision MVA Masters programme. Before that, I was somewhat fortunate to be hired by Catherine at CNRS, Francois Fleuret at Idiap/EPFL, and Jean Ponce at INRIA/ENS.

My publications at google scholar and source code at Github. I mainly review for all major ML conferences: Neurips’19,’20,’21, ICML ‘20,’21 ICLR’21,’22 AISTATS’21